dislessie di un giovane tecnologicamente provato


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two link in warm it dedicates you to two my friends. the first one is for asha and could be a good compromise in the diatriba/crociata one no-tanga- yes-mutanda that it could - and I say could - please comfort desires . or perhaps not indeed sure not vabbè ago nothing.

the second is for liebnitz that I do not know it but for me is its kind . or perhaps and then there are not also podcast the video because they are ahead.


ah I have said it that I have met grass and we have asked how many blogger were in knows it? not perhaps not

lo so lo hanno già fatto tutti. ma non ho resistito. ho tradotto l'ultimo post con gooooooogle. simpatica la traduzione del nome di "erba" in "grass". veramente di livello è because they are ahaed.

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erbasalvia ha detto...

my name is gras and i'm very peruiculusa.

gicappa ha detto...

che è la tua metà oscura tipo vampirella del XXI secolo?

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